Free Parking Near University of Birmingham

Where Can I Find Free Parking Near University of Birmingham?

Free parking near the University of Birmingham can be a bit tricky to find. However, some students suggest parking on 12th Ave at 19th St, which has no meters. 

Another option is a small dirt lot across from the UAB police station on 14th St. Please note that while these spots are free, they might require a bit of a walk to the university. 

Always check local parking regulations to avoid fines. For more convenience, consider purchasing a parking pass from the university. Remember, free parking spots can fill up quickly, so plan your trip accordingly.

What are the parking regulations near the University of Birmingham?

What are the parking regulations near the University of Birmingham

Managed by Campus Services team: The team at the University of Birmingham that looks after parking is called the Campus Services team. They make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone follows the rules.

University’s Traffic Regulations: These are rules set by the University for anyone using their parking facilities. It’s important to follow these rules to avoid getting a fine or having your vehicle towed.

Parking zones and restrictions: The city council, which is the local government, has set up specific areas where you can park. There are also certain rules you need to follow when parking in these areas.

Parking for visitors: If you’re visiting the University, there’s a specific car park you can use. It’s called the North East Car Park.

Parking for blue badge holders: If you have a disability and own a blue badge, there are special parking spots for you on campus. You can find these spots on the campus mobility map.

Proposed measures: The council is thinking about new rules that would give local residents priority when it comes to parking on local streets. They also want to make the roads safer and easier to use.

How can I find free parking near the University of Birmingham?

12th Ave at 19th St

This is a specific street location that’s situated near the University of Birmingham. It’s been suggested by some students as a potential spot for free parking. 

The key feature of this location is the absence of parking meters, which are devices used to collect money in exchange for the right to park a vehicle for a limited amount of time. 

However, it’s important to note that this location might not be right next to the university, so you may need to walk a bit to reach the campus.

Small dirt lot on 14th St

This refers to another potential parking spot. It’s a small lot with a dirt surface, located across from the UAB police station. The term ‘dirt lot’ implies that it’s an unpaved area where vehicles can be parked. Just like the first option, this location might require a bit of a walk to the university, so be prepared for that.

Check local parking regulations

This is a crucial step. Parking regulations can vary greatly depending on the location. They are rules and guidelines created by city councils or other governing bodies to maintain order and safety in parking areas. 

These regulations may include restrictions on parking times, requirements for parking permits, and rules about where you can and cannot park. 

Always look for posted signs or information online about the specific parking regulations in the area.

Plan your trip

This is a general piece of advice for anyone looking for parking. Free parking spots, especially those in popular areas like near a university, can fill up quickly. 

Therefore, it’s recommended to plan your trip in advance, considering factors like the time of your visit and the expected availability of parking spots. Arriving early might give you a better chance of securing a spot.

What are the parking facilities at the University of Birmingham?

The University of Birmingham offers on-campus parking managed by the Campus Services team, with adherence to the University’s Traffic Regulations required. 

There are also specific parking spaces for visitors and blue badge holders, and nearby multi-storey car parks like Town Hall and Navigation Street.

Campus Parking

The University of Birmingham has parking facilities on its campus. These are managed by the Campus Services team, a group within the university responsible for maintaining and overseeing these facilities. 

All users of these parking facilities are required to follow the University’s Traffic Regulations, which are rules set by the university to ensure safety and order in their parking areas.

Visitor Parking: If you’re visiting the university, there’s a specific car park you can use. It’s called the North East Car Park and is located at B15 2SA. However, the number of parking spaces here is limited, so it’s best to arrive early or check the availability before your visit.

Disabled Parking

The university provides special parking spots for blue badge holders, which are individuals with disabilities. These spots are marked on the campus mobility map, a map that shows the layout of the university campus including locations of buildings, facilities, and parking areas. 

Some of these disabled parking spots may be located in areas of the campus that are usually restricted, so you might need special permission to enter these areas.

Nearby Car Parks

Apart from the on-campus parking, there are also multi-storey car parks located nearby. These include the Town Hall and Navigation Street car parks, which are just a 5-minute walk away from the university. These can be convenient alternatives if the on-campus parking is full.

When is the best time to find free parking near University of Birmingham?

When is the best time to find free parking near University of Birmingham

Before 8am or after 6pm

These are typically off-peak hours when there are fewer people around, so you’re more likely to find available parking spots. This is because most classes and university activities happen between 8am and 6pm, so outside of these hours, many students and staff have already left the campus.

On-street spaces

These are parking spots that are located on the side of the street. They’re usually marked by signs or painted lines. On-street parking is often free, but it can be limited by time restrictions or parking regulations imposed by the city council.

Verify the current parking situation

This means you should check the parking area yourself before you park your car. The availability of free parking can change quickly, especially in busy areas like near a university. For example, a spot that’s free in the morning might be taken by the afternoon. Or a spot that’s usually free might be temporarily unavailable due to construction or a special event.

Always verify before you park your car

This is a reminder to always check the specific parking regulations and restrictions in the area before you park your car. This can help you avoid getting a parking ticket or having your car towed.


Is there parking at Birmingham University train station? 

Yes, parking is provided at the train station of the University of Birmingham. This includes spaces along the street, parking lots, and private garages.

How much is parking at Birmingham University? 

The cost of parking at the University of Birmingham can vary. For example, visitors may pay anywhere from £2.50 for up to an hour to £7.00 for up to 10 hours. Rates may differ for other parking options.

Is it free to park in Birmingham city centre? 

While free parking in the city centre of Birmingham is scarce, some locations do offer it. Streets such as Bridge Street West, Stour Street, and Cope Street have free parking. The Jewellery Quarter Car Park also provides free parking from 6pm to 8.30pm.

Is it easy to find parking in Birmingham? 

Locating a parking spot in Birmingham can be tough due to the high demand, particularly in the city centre. However, platforms like JustPark provide a variety of parking options throughout Birmingham, simplifying the search for a suitable spot.

Why is Birmingham parking so expensive? 

The high cost of parking in Birmingham can be attributed to the high demand for parking spaces, especially in the city centre where there is a concentration of businesses, shopping districts, and attractions. The limited availability of space and high demand can lead to higher prices.

Where can I leave my car in Birmingham? 

There are numerous places in Birmingham where you can park your car. These include street parking, parking lots, private driveways, and hotels that offer parking facilities. The Birmingham Airport also provides parking services

Final words

Finding free parking near the University of Birmingham can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. Early arrival, checking local regulations, and considering off-peak hours can increase your chances. Remember, these are just suggestions and the situation can change, so always verify the current parking situation before you park your car. Safe travels!