Manufacturers of Rotary Valves: Essential Components in Bulk Material Handling

Manufacturers of Rotary Valves: Essential Components in Bulk Material Handling

Rotary valves, also known as rotary airlocks or rotary feeders, play a pivotal role in the bulk material handling and processing industries. These versatile devices are crucial for controlling the flow of materials between chambers of different pressures, acting as both feeders and airlocks to maintain process efficiency and environmental compliance. This article will briefly cover the concept of a rotary valve before delving into a list of the most common manufacturers you may want to consider for your own application. 

Understanding Rotary Valves

At their core, rotary valves consist of a rotating cylinder or rotor with pockets spaced evenly around its perimeter, enclosed in a housing. As the rotor turns, the material falls into the pockets at the top of the valve and is carried around until it is discharged at the bottom. This simple yet effective mechanism allows for the continuous, controlled transfer of solid bulk materials, powders, or granules from one area to another while maintaining an airlock when necessary.

Example Applications

Rotary valves find applications in a multitude of settings, showcasing their versatility and indispensability in various industries:

  • Pneumatic Conveying Systems: They regulate the feed of powdery or granular materials into conveying lines, ensuring efficient and consistent material flow.
  • Dust Collection Systems: Rotary valves discharge collected dust from cyclones and baghouses while preventing air leakage, which is crucial for environmental compliance.
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Used for metering and conveying of ingredients, ensuring hygiene and precise ingredient handling.
  • Pharmaceuticals: For the controlled feeding of drug powders and granules in manufacturing processes, where precision and cleanliness are paramount.
  • Chemical Processing: In handling corrosive, fine, or potentially hazardous materials, rotary valves ensure safe and controlled transfer.

Leading Manufacturers of Rotary Valves

The global market boasts numerous manufacturers specializing in rotary valves, each with unique offerings tailored to specific industry needs. Here are some of the most notable names:


A leader in the design and manufacturing of rotary and diverter valves, DMN-Westinghouse is renowned for its durable and high-quality products suitable for the food, dairy, and chemical processing industries.


With a reputation for engineering excellence, Coperion offers a wide range of rotary valves for heavy-duty applications, particularly in the chemical and plastics industries, emphasizing performance and reliability.

Schenck Process

Schenck Process is a go-to for pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling solutions, offering rotary valves that cater to a diverse range of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, and metal processing.

ACS Valves

Focusing on efficiency and reliability, ACS Valves designs and manufactures rotary valves for various bulk material processing applications, offering customization to meet unique operational requirements.


Global manufacturer Rotolok provides modularly designed rotary valves that serve a broad spectrum of industries and applications, emphasizing adaptability and quality.


Under the TOREX brand, WAMGROUP presents an innovative selection of rotary valves designed for the construction, environmental, and agricultural sectors, prioritizing innovation and sustainability.


Specializing in energy, environmental, and food processing applications, Andritz offers rotary valves that are performance-oriented and designed for energy efficiency.

Salina Vortex

While known for slide gates and diverter valves, Salina Vortex also produces rotary valves that efficiently handle dry bulk solids across agriculture, chemicals, and minerals industries.

Meyer Industrial

Meyer Industrial’s heavy-duty rotary airlock valves are engineered for dry bulk material processing, focusing on reliability, safety, and the ability to customize for specific industry needs.


With over 45 years of experience, RotaVal specializes in high-specification rotary valve solutions, standing out for their commitment to quality and reliability in demanding applications.